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Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
my life to the city. >> rate who yesterday picked up his petitions to make the run, joins six other declared candidates. at least one council member, tommy wells. >> there is an illegal campaign that helped the mayor get elected. we know the fallout is still going on. >> gray, who has not been charged, bristled on being at -- cooperating with federal authorities. >> i have said what i am going to say about this. 20 10 is getting ready to be four years ago. good, a positive man. >> we found more opposition today. >> it was filled with scandal and implications of scandal. >> it would be amusing if he ran and got elected and went to jail. is i think he is a crook and he is under investigation. >> the mayor who frequently banters with reporters, seemed to just want to get out of there. his security blocked reporters from getting on the elevator with him. of voters, thewn attitude of opponents like wells, gray can expect more days like this. the question, can he take it? >> thanks. d.c.t 6:00 p.m., the council has given parliamentary approval to raising the cities minimum-wage. the vote
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
already begun making new appointment, despite the city council threat to limit his power. ntsb investigators say the training new york was going 82 miles per hour before derailed sunday morning. track is 70that miles per hour before it quickly drops to 30 miles per hour around the curve. it killed four people and injured dozens more. >> is this human error or faulty equipment? no answers at this point in time. we cannot tell. we can say here is what happened. >> investigators say a train -- the train's engineer who was injured in the crash is cooperating. are nows of commuters taking buses to get around derailment. >> crash investigators in scotland said there was no distress call from a police helicopter before it went down. the chopper slammed into a glass go public on friday night. nine people, including three on the helicopter, died. the body of the final victim was pulled from the pub today. the lead investigator said the chopper did not have a flight data recorder. back here at home, a montgomery county teacher has pleaded guilty to four counts of second- degree assault,
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
morning, the city plans to deploy more than 200 snowplows. track thisted as we winter storm. we will post updates to our social media pages and be sure watchnload our weather application. doug has another check coming up in just a few minutes. sayouth africa preparing to farewell to nelson mandela. the white house announcing that president obama and michelle obama will travel there next week to attend the memorial. >> on sunday, they will mark a national day of prayer and reflection. his memorial service will be held tuesday in johannesburg. tonight, we are hearing from the former u.s. ambassador south africa. south special memories of africa. >> kimberly suiters is live at the embassy with more. >> all day, people have been braving the elements to the tributes here to the statue of nelson mandela at the embassy. for them, the losses doubly painful. great leaders. >> the only u.s. ambassador to present his credentials to nelson mandela. >> to hear him say in his own sod of humor that it seemed slow now. he was in for 27 years and they grew up knowing who he was without ever having seen hi
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
that only three of the city's ladder trucks were certified and the department had no money in the fy 2013 budget for new fire equipment. >> i cannot ignore the fact that no capital dollars were requested to see that you had the trucks and ambulances you needed this year's budget. >> the chief insisted the problems were all on him. >> i am responsible. when it comes time to share the credit, there are a lot of people behind the scenes that help make things go. when it comes to be responsible for what doesn't go well, that is my responsibility. hise testified that in view, the tee -- the d.c. fire department has been roped in for the last 15 years. reporting live from the john ford, abc 7ing, sam news. >> one month after virginia's election, one race has left the ballot box and gone to the courtroom. after the votes were counted, democrat mark haring led by less than 200. now, the recount begins. the northern virginia chief is in richmond with that story. >> the statewide recount will begin on december 17 in all districts across the state accept for fairfax -- except for fairfax county whic
Dec 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
plans to deploy more than 200 plows throughout the city tomorrow morning. officials say they will assign equipment and staff as needed. the weather has forced metro to cancel all track work tomorrow. trains will run on a normal schedule. it allows employees to focus on preparing additional resources for a monday morning commute which could be rough. stay here connected to abc seven and anycan get weather updates time by downloading our app or going to our facebook age. steve will have another look at the were cast and timeline in a few moments. the family of nelson mandela has released their first eight -- the firste statement in the death. his spirit lives on. you can see that today in many places. africa, a day every flesh of his plan to honor his life. on memorial will be held tuesday. as the world remembers nelson mandela, we will have extensive coverage. leon harris and scott thuman are traveling to johannesburg tonight. they will have live report starting on monday. solemn ceremonies took place in hawaii in arlington national cemetery to celebrate the attack pearl harbor.
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
effectively eliminates the district from contention. city leaders want the fbi to hoovere from the j edgar building to poplar point. the administration said the fbi headquarters must be within two and half miles of the beltway, two miles of a metro stop, and have at least 50 acres. poplar point meets the first two criteria, but not the third. >> get ready for change? with is coming in batches, the first being the cold front tomorrow with the rain following. it will be cold saturday, and sunday, ice and snow. the temperatures right now, they walk in the park compared with most of the country right now. still in the 60s, 64 manassas, 63 in the nation's capital. will the scoreboard, it briefly reached 69 at reagan national, going into the books as washington's official high, 49 degrees the morning low. high 12 yearsd ago today when we hit 75, not that far away today. now the temperatures falling. pittsburgh 59, detroit 37. charleston 62, indianapolis 28. the news gets colder more to the north and west, lots of single numbers and below zero. that is spreading south, then east. the cold air dro
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6